IS4100 project management

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IS4100: IT Proj Mgmt
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Opening Questions
! Why in the world are we here to learn
Project Management?!

! What’s the big deal? Who cares? What’s in
it for ME?!

What Is This Course About?
! Project management
! Fundamentals
! Principles, theories, frameworks
! Hard skills + soft (people) skills
! Starting point for continuous learning and learning by doing ! Appreciating the complexities of PM

Upon completion of this course
you should be able to …
!  Think like a project manager
!  Manage the key aspects of a project.
!  Understand and demonstrate knowledge of PM terms, frameworks, principles, processes, methods, and techniques
!  Use Microsoft Project to plan, control, and manage a project. !  Assess and analyze project progress in terms of scope, time, cost, quality, and risk.
!  Understand critical success factors of complex projects. !  Build and lead an effective project team.
!  Be ready to take PMI’s PMP Certification exam.

Required Course Materials –
!  Kathy Schwalbe (2010) Information Technology Project
Management, 6th ed., Course Technology, ISBN
!  Articles available through NUS e-Library
!  Cases purchase through HBSP

Recommended Readings for Future
Continuous Learning
!  The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (Portable MBA Series), Eric Verzuh, 3rd ed., Wiley, April 2008

!  PMP Exam Prep, Rita Mulcahy, 6th edition, RMC Publications, April 2009 (a very effective prep book for PMP exam)

!  A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 4th edition, Project Management Institute, December 2008 (the official PMBOK guide)

Course Format
! Lecture
! Case analysis and discussion
! Article discussion
! Software hands-on assignment
! Team project
! Exams

!  Midterm Exam


!  Group Project


!  Group Case Write-up


!  Individual Assignment


!  Class Contribution/Discussion


!  Registration


Class Participation
!  20% of the final course grade
!  A big factor for your final grade!!!
!  Don’t take it for granted. You have to earn it.

!  Active engagement in lectures
!  Cases/articles discussion
!  Contribution to peer learning
!  Attendance

!  Bring an index card and report your contribution

MS Project Software Assignment
!  A hypothetical project to learn about project
planning, tracking and control activities with MS
Project software
!  Tutorials / demos will be conducted during lecture for each related topic
!  A step-by-step self-explanatory guide is provided
!  MS Project software will be available in computer labs
!  Submission of parts the week following the tutorial
!  Late submission will NOT be accepted

Team Project
!  Each team should have 4-5 members; instructor assigns teams !  Project purposes:
!  evaluate a real-world project in terms of key project management practices such as management of time, cost, scope, quality, human resource, risk, and procurement !  make recommendations to improve project management practices !  use PM methods to manage your group project

!  Deliverables
!  Project Plan; Final Report and Presentation

!  Final grade for team project will be based on team grade and peer evaluation

Course Communication
!  Facebook Group Page – “NUS-SoC-IS4100”
!  Important announcements
!  Online discussion
!  Links to course materials

!  Will use IVLE for assignment submission and grade
!  Email communication

!  If you have private / personal matters to discuss
with the instructor, use office hours (Th1030-1130)

Introduction to PM

Opening Questions
!  What is a project?

!  Is project management important? Why or why not?

!  What do we do when we manage a project?

!  How attractive is project management as a profession or a career?

Projects are Everywhere and Costly!
! The U.S. spends $2.3 trillion on projects every
year, which is one-quarter its...

Links: !  If you have private / personal matters to discuss
with the instructor, use office hours (Th1030-1130)
(improved from 16% in 1994)
! 15% were total failures
! 53% completed with budget/time overruns or
less functions (in 1994)
Source: The Standish Group, 2001
Project Success Factors
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