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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Application of Risk management Techniques Threats, Vulnerabilities and like hood of occurrence.

Does not include fire suppresion or tornado fail over site on case of a nature disaster like a tornado. Offices are on a state that has a high risk of tornados. Occurrence High. Does not have any backup solution. We need at least a in house backup and outside backup solution in case of a disaster Occurrence high. Not redundancy. If primary site is down all the business is down. Occurrence low. Lack of security access using VPN to HQ from home offices, Occurrence Low. Workstations are outdated and not support on windows vista. Occurrence high. Not antivirus defined on the servers and workstations. Occurrence high Risk Management Techniques and justification.

Prevent user to do not connect via VPN connections from Home Offices. Move important servers and Data to a datacenter outside of the tornado alley. Transfer
Fire insurance will be the best option to protect the assets. Mitigation
Install a backup service that will provide onsite and off-site backup solution for all data on the servers. Install a backup site in case if the primary site is down.
Install newer workstations with windows 7 for support on windows updates. Install antivirus software on workstations and workstations. Acceptance
Cost Benefit Analysis will be perform on new workstations vs taking the risk of keeping outdated equipment. Residual Risk
Installing antivirus on workstations will lessen the chance of infections from virus but it will not completely eliminate. Report
After reviewing the threats and vulnerabilities for your business, our team recommends the following steps. Firstly, serious consideration needs to be given to moving your primary data center out of “Tornado Alley”. The weather in this area has been shown to be unpredictable and dangerous in the extreme. Secondly, the buildings need basic fire suppression systems. There also needs to...
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