Is Bonus a Good Strategy for Employee Motivation?

Topics: Reward system, Employment, Performance Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Do you think that, as a manager, you would use bonuses regularly? Why or why not?

Yes, I think as a manager I would use bonuses regularly.

I agree with the article that bonuses can backfire, but I personally think that most of the times they keep employees’ satisfaction level up. Employees feel up beat when rewarded, this would increase their performance and efficiency. Rewards may back fire but I they would work as positive catalyst for individual and company’s performance most of the times. It would increase employee’s satisfaction, self esteem, respect and love towards their job and company.

Can you think of a time in your own life when being evaluated and rewarded on a specific goal lead you to engage in negative or unproductive behavior?

No, I cannot think of a time when rewarded that lead me to engage in negative behavior.

Each time I got rewarded, I got more respect, satisfaction towards my job and that always helped me in increasing my productivity and positive behavior.

Do you think providing group bonuses instead of individual bonuses would be more effective or less effective? Why or why not?

Providing group bonuses have both positive and negative sides. It definitely helps in equity theory, where people tends to compare their compensation and rewards with their peer.

But I personally think individual bonuses would be more effective. As when we provide individual bonuses, we rate every individual based on their performance. I think if every individual is performing better, it will definitely help company to perform better. So every individual should be rewarded based on his/her performance, so he/she stays focused on his/her performance. While if we provide bonuses to the employees based on group performance, in that case star performers might get less rewards because of low performers in the team. This will increase the dissatisfaction in star performers. If I am not wrong, star performers are the first priority for any...
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