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Topics: Relational model, Database, Computer Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: November 4, 2013
IS 300 sections 3 and 5 Fall 2013 Exam 2 Review Guide – Chapters 5 - 8 Use this is a review guide – any content covered in class is up for grabs on the exam. Just because it is not mentioned here does not mean it won’t come up in a multiple choice question. Sections of the text that were not covered in class will not be on the exam. Don’t forget that there will be one true/false question for every article that was presented in class.

Chapter 5:
Parts of infrastructure
Importance of infrastructure
Social and business value of networks
Importance of standards in technology pg. 175
Pros/cons of BYODevice to work
Pros/cons of cloud computing
Importance of open source SW and Web services
What does a company do that can’t write their own SW
Chapter 6:
Traditional vs relational database models
Relational database model terminology
Queries – what they mean
Entity relationship diagrams – make them
Idea of nonSQL databases
Purpose of normalizing data tables
Business intelligence tools – OLAP, data warehouses, data mining, text mining, web mining Importance of data quality
Chapter 7:
Definition of a computer network
Benefits to a business of networking their computers
Ideas behind client/server computing; packet switching; TCP/IP UMBC’s IP address
Difference between analog and digital signals – what does the computer read and how does it read it RFID tags and their importance to business
Wireless sensor networks and their importance to business

Chapter 8:
Difference between security and controls
Reason computer systems are vulnerable
Different types of malware
Crimes prevalent due to Internet
Biggest threat to a company – employees – why?
Importance of security and controls to a company
Importance of a disaster plan and when to think of one
Types of authentication
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