Irregular Verbs

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| Irregular Verbs ListIrregular Verbs ListThis is a list of some irregular verbs in English. Of course, there are many others, but these are the more common irregular verbs. V1 Base Form| V2
Past Simple| V3
Past Participle|
awake| awoke| awoken|
be| was, were| been|
beat| beat| beaten|
become| became| become|
begin| began| begun|
bend| bent| bent|
bet| bet| bet|
bid| bid| bid|
bite| bit| bitten|
blow| blew| blown|
break| broke| broken|
bring| brought| brought|
broadcast| broadcast| broadcast|
build| built| built|
burn| burned/burnt| burned/burnt|
buy| bought| bought|
catch| caught| caught|
choose| chose| chosen|
come| came| come|
cost| cost| cost|
cut| cut| cut|
dig| dug| dug|
do| did| done|
draw| drew| drawn|
dream| dreamed/dreamt| dreamed/dreamt|
drive| drove| driven|
drink| drank| drunk|
eat| ate| eaten|
fall| fell| fallen|
feel| felt| felt|
fight| fought| fought|
find| found| found|
fly| flew| flown|
forget| forgot| forgotten|
forgive| forgave| forgiven|
freeze| froze| frozen|
get| got| got (sometimes gotten)|
give| gave| given|
go| went| gone|
grow| grew| grown|
hang| hung| hung|
have| had| had|
hear| heard| heard|
hide| hid| hidden|
hit| hit| hit|
hold| held| held|
hurt| hurt| hurt|
keep| kept| kept|
know| knew| known|
lay| laid| laid|
lead| led| led|
learn| learned/learnt| learned/learnt|
leave| left| left|
lend| lent| lent|
let| let| let|
lie| lay| lain|
lose| lost| lost|
make| made| made|
mean| meant| meant|
meet| met| met|
pay| paid| paid|
put| put| put|
read| read| read|
ride| rode| ridden|
ring| rang| rung|
rise| rose| risen|
run| ran| run|
say| said...
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