Investigating the Effectiveness of Huddling in Penguins

Topics: Temperature, Heat, Thermodynamics Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: November 9, 2013

Aim: to design an experiment that investigates the effectiveness of huddling in penguins (using test tubes as penguin models) Materials:
1x Bunsen burner
1x gas tubing
1x heat proof mat
1x gauze mat
1x tripod
2x large beaker (250ml)
500ml of water
13x test tubes

2x rubber bands
stop watch

1.Set up the Bunsen burner on top of a heat proof mat underneath a tripod and gauze mat. 2.Fill a 250ml beaker with water up to about 180-200ml then put onto of the gauze mat and heat to 39⁰ (allowing 2 degrees cooling time to pour into test tubes to get to 37⁰) 3.While the water is heating up on the Bunsen burner get the 13x test tubes bundling 12x of them together and leaving 1x as a control. 4.Place a thermometer in the control test tube and a test tube in the middle of the clumped group. 5.After the water has reached 29⁰ pour it into all of the test tubes including the control 6.Wait till the water temp has decreased to that of the body temperature then start the stop watch and record results. 7.Every 1minute for the first 6 minutes record the decreasing temperature after that record the temperature every 5 mins. Hypothesis:

I think that the test tubes in the grouped bundle will cool down a lot slower than our unprotected control I believe this is because the test tubes in the bundle are close together they insulate one another restricting the heat loss that would normally happen (in control) where there is no other test tube protecting it and heat loss was not minimized also I believe that the test tube in the middle of the clustered group will stay the warmest because it is not exposed to the outside air like the ones on the outside of the cluster are. 12345611162126


Results findings: linking our results back to my initial hypothesis where the results show I was half correct. The control test tube definitely lost heat...
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