Inventory System

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2.1 Introduction
Inventory theory (or more formally the mathematical theory of inventory and production) is the sub-specialty within operations research that is concerned with the design of production/inventory systems to minimize costs. It studies the decisions faced by firms and the military in connection with manufacturing, warehousing, supply chains, spare part allocation and so on; it provides the mathematical foundation for logistics.

CURRENT SYSTEM1. A lab personnel is currently using the Microsoft Application such as the Microsoft Excel and the laboratory computer to store and sort all the total number of the tools and equipment in the laboratory.2. The lab personnel are currently using a ballpoint and LOG BOOK to record the name, date borrowed and what equipments are being borrowed from the laboratory.3. The lab personnel and laboratory head are having a hard time of keeping track of the overall malfunctioning or needed equipments in the laboratory.| PROPOSED SYSTEM|

Figure 1. Schematic Diagram of the Study
Figure 1 above shows the difference on the current system and the proposed system. On the left part, it shows the current ways of storing, sorting, keeping track of the tools and equipment, and ways on how to record the information of person’s borrowing the equipment, and on the right side, it shows the possible changes that could occur when Inventory System for equipment would be used by the Laboratory personnel’s.

2.2 Database Theory
The proposed system will be using the MySQL Database System, the most popular Open Source (SQL) relational database management system in order to store data. The relational database management system is a structured collection of data that stores data in separate tables rather than putting all the data in one big storeroom. The database will be use as the storage area of the number of list of the tools and equipments inside the laboratories’ the database will also be...
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