Inventory System

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Chapter I
Introduction and its Background
Inventories are very essential to meet the shareholder needs and demands for financial information. A computerized inventory stock system helps the companies to keep track of their inventory from initial purchase to final sale automatically. It may contain quantities, description, price, purchasing of items, the stock – in and out, total amount of products on initial purchase and making reports on the inventory. A store sells certain products. Most stores still uses the manual system for recording transactions upon the inventory. Everyday, they can encounter day-to-day operations for instance, the receiving or releasing of product supplies in the inventory. So in this case, the stores might need a computerized inventory system to record transactions. The result of having a computerized inventory system could provide a real time assessment of the inventory levels as it keeps track on the inventory information. To concretely describe how this works, for an instance, a given stocks of a product has been delivered, the inventory level for that certain product will be automatically updated. Moreover, the system could provide the store a more convenient and easy to look at the list of stocks. However, the proponents should also consider that if the certain product reaches its minimum stock, the system itself would automatically tell that it needs to be supplied more and that the system should provide a quick, accurate and organized information in order to give the owners, shareholders or managers a strategy on what to do for their businesses. The researchers decided to choose Appliance Center to conduct the study because the shop manually records the stocks and other related transactions and the study proposes a more advance system than of the present use.

Background of the study
The Appliance Center sells different appliances that had started a few years ago. It is situated in Ormoc City. From the time it has started, the store used the manual system for recording transactions.

The study will develop the proposed inventory stock system of Appliance Center. Specifically, it will assess the following objectives: 1. To reduce the risks of the manual system, for instance, erasures on the paper documents of the inventory. 2. To implement a database system that could update the transaction level. 3. To make the database system, an accurate and organized giver of useful information.

Scope and Limitations
The study focuses on the development of the proposed system for Appliance Center. Primarily, the researchers study the quantities, description, price, purchasing of items, the stock – in and out, total amount of products on initial purchase and making reports in the inventory.

Significance of the study

The following will acquire benefits from the study:

*Appliance Center.
It has total speed to process tasks, more efficient and accessible.

It lessens their work and eliminates time-consuming jobs.

It may give a clearer view on the differences between manual inventory system and the computerized inventory system.

It eliminates the risks of erasures and save some paper works.

Chapter II
Management Aspects
The central idea of a management is to determine the actions and decisions and for the group of persons, the executives, who perform the management to achieve its chosen goal. The company was registered to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on July 8, 2009 in Tacloban City, Philippines with the Certification No. 00801040 and TRN No. 2389885 which will expire on the same date on 2014. The store is located at Bonifacio Street, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. A Mayor’s Permit that contains of Bill No. 11090492 recognizes that the store is proprietarily owned by Julie Ann Yu Uang. It issued with the O.R....
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