Introduction to International Relations

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Nuclear weapon Pages: 7 (1986 words) Published: March 26, 2013
POL 202: Introduction to International Relations

Study Questions for Exam 3


What role do transnational organizations and networks play in the boomerang model? In the boomerang model NGOs in one state are able to activate transnational linkage to bring pressure from other states on their own governments. When NGOs are blocked from influencing their own government they can activate their transnational networks and bring their plight to the attention of NGOs to other countries. TANs will mobilize opinions and voters in other counties.

What is a Transnational Advocacy Network? Give an actual example. A Transnational Advocacy Network is a set of individual and nongovernmental organizations acting in pursuit of a normative objective. EX- Planned Parenthood Federation of America

What do Transnational Advocacy Networks and Transnational Terrorist Networks have in common?
They both aim to alter a behavior of a (foreign) government. Try to bring about social and political change

What are the stages of the norms life cycle?
First Stage- Actors attempt to convince an important population to accept and embrace their belief. Second Stage -Norm becomes near universal standard of behavior. During the second stage, the idea becomes a universal standard of behavior. Third Stage- Norm is internalized. Once a norm is internalized, certain actions become “taboo,” while others are viewed as “correct” or appropriate.

What do we mean when we say that terrorists are rational?
Because to be rational a person/group has to have purposive behavior or the stategies by which individuals or groups pursue their interest which terrorist have. Rational is not a statement about the substance of a person/groups belief or idea and have having an alternative perspective from the majority does not make them irrational.

What is the difference between the terrorist strategies of coercion and provocation? Coercion- The threat or imposition of costs on other actors in order to change their behavior. Means of international include military force, economic, sanctions, and embargoes. Provocation- A strategy terrorists attacks intended to provoke the targets government into making a disproportionate response that alienates moderates in terrorists' home society or in other sympathetic audiences.

What is the difference between the terrorist strategies of spoiling and outbidding? Spoiling- A strategy of terrorist attacks intended to sabotage a prospective peace between the target and moderate leadership from the terrorists' home society. Outbidding- A strategy of terrorists attacks designed to demonstrate a capability for leadership and commitment a capability for relative to another, similar terrorist groups.

Identify two limitations that will likely prevent Transnational Advocacy Networks from replacing national governments. 1.Cannot legally bind their members. 2. Must rely on voluntary compliance from their targets 3.Depend on benign treatment from states.

Human Rights

Identify three specific civil and political rights recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
1.) life and liberty. 2.) prohibition of slavery. 3.) freedom from arbitrary arrest. 4.) prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. 5.) right to privacy. 6.) right of assembly.

Identify three specific economic and social rights recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human rights. 1.) right to marry and have a family. 2.) right to own property. 3.) right to social security. 4.) right to education. 5.) right to work. 6.) right to have rest and leisure.

What is the principal legal difference between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two subsequent covenants? The other two are legal binding and internationally enforceable treaties.

What documents comprise what is frequently called the International Bill of Rights? Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights...
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