Intro to Sociology

Topics: Sociology, Theory, Sociological theories Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: April 26, 2013
SOC, 2nd Edition by Niki Benokraitis
Study Worksheet – Chapter 1 Answer Key
Thinking Like a Sociologist


Match the person or term with the appropriate description in the table below.

|Max Weber |E |Macrosociology |I |Symbolic Interactionism |M | |Karl Marx |D |W.E.B. DuBois |G |Conflict Theory |K | |Empirical |B |Microsociology |H |Feminist Theory |L | |Émile Durkheim |C |Sociological imagination |F |Functionalism |J | |Auguste Comte |A | | | | |

|B |Sociologists rely on this type of data, collected systematically from observation or experiment. | |H |This approach to studying society emphasizes small-scale patterns of behavior, such as the meaning of nonverbal behavior. | |G |This social theorist argued that race and discrimination are significant factors in how society is organized. | |L |This theoretical perspective argues that society is organized by gender inequality. It focuses on the unequal position of women in| | |society and argues that women and men should be treated equally. | |F |An awareness of the relationship between the individual and the larger society. | |C |This social theorist focused on the way social changes – such as the increased division of labor in industrial societies – helped | | |members of society feel more integrated....
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