Intrapersonal Effectiveness

Topics: DISC assessment, Big Five personality traits, Psychology Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: October 30, 2014
The Agenda for February 6, 2014
MGT 447 Management Techniques
Intrapersonal Effectiveness: Understanding Yourself
DDS Chapter 1. Journey into Self-awareness

Part 1(S): It’s test time. ☺ Time to increase your self-awareness through established measures of various aspects of personality. Measure 1: Big Five Personality Factors
You have 2 options for gathering this information about yourself: Option A) Complete the manual exercise on pages 18-21 of your text. Option B) Complete an online/automated version here: For a more complete description of each of the Big Five characteristics, go to the following website or others linked to the site. Measure 2: Self-Monitoring

Complete Exercise 1-C on page 22 of your text.
Measure 3: DISC Personality Test
Identify your DISC personality by completing this online test:
Measure 4: Interpersonal Skills
Complete exercise 1-G on pages 26-27 of your text.
Prepare the following to submit to the instructor:
a)Summarize the results of each “test” … e.g., give your scores on each of the Big Five dimensions, report your self-monitoring score, give your scores on each of the DISC dimensions, report your interpersonal skills score. Based on these assessments …

b)What did you learn about yourself that was new, surprising?

c)What interpersonal strengths have you identified?

d)In what areas do you have room to improve your interpersonal skills? e)Do you have any concerns about your results?
f)What are the consistencies among the tests?
g) What are the discrepancies among the tests?

Part 2(M/S): The Social Mirror
Complete Exercise 1-E on pages 24-25 of your text, answering the 7 questions posed.

The following item does not require a written response at this time: You have a summary paper due at the end of the course. If you think...
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