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By pravin71 Mar 02, 2014 685 Words
Talent Acquisition
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It is extremely essential that you are well prepared for an interview. We have defined six easy pointers to a successful interview in ‘6 Ps’. These are broadly identified for simple recollection and are not exhaustive. However, every interview is a step towards getting closer to the ultimate goal, which is the offer letter. So do keep in mind the following while you are gearing up for an interview.



unctuality is the first perception the interviewer gets about the candidate.
Come to the venue a good fifteen minutes before the
scheduled time.
Take sometime off to go through your resume once again and
also the company profile.


resentation of oneself is of prime importance though many may not be aware.
As you may not be aware of the company’s dress code, wear
smart formals in which you are comfortable.
Do not use too strong a deodorant or perfume.
Be well groomed. Look at yourself from head to toe and step
out only if you feel totally satisfied.
Stand straight, relaxed and with a slight smile.

Talent Acquisition
Wipro Technologies


reface is crucial. So do be cordial while introducing yourself. Firstly, introduce yourself with your name and make sure your eyes meet that of the interviewer. This reflects your confidence. Shake a hand with the interviewer and be sure to be firm while doing so.


reparation by equipping yourself with relevant information about the company in which you are attending the interview is crucial. Be specific, interviewers are generally looking out for statistics and revenue numbers.

Make sure you are also well aware of your current company’s specifics as well.
Having competitor information is a definite plus point and shows that your knowledge of the industry as a whole is well aligned. Don’t sound brash while showcasing your knowledge.


roficiency at an interview is derived from practice or rehearsals before the interview.
Try mock interviews with a friend or you could also use the mirror as a substitute.
These rehearsals help instill a good amount of confidence and dramatically reduce the chances of you being nervous.
Always know your strengths and weaknesses and be sure to back it up with adequate instances.
Never bring out a situation where you have failed. Always speak of challenges for which creative solutions were found.
Be aware that your interviewer will be very interested to know about how well your action/reactions would have induced a
situation or the outcome itself.
Do not make up scenarios; you could be against a wall with a small slip.

Talent Acquisition
Wipro Technologies


hraseology of the body or more commonly ‘body language’
plays an important role while facing interviews as much as verbal communication if not more. One’s body language must communicate attentiveness, enthusiasm and confidence.
Make eye contact and periodically break away. Do not look at the floor.
While sitting in your chair sit straight, leaning might convey lethargy. An upright posture exudes confidence.
Always be positive about the way you deliver and the content of your conversation.
Avoid using movements that takes the interviewer’s attention away from your face.
Do not move your hands wildly or keep them behind your head or reclining on your chair.
The above mentioned ‘Ps’ are just a few pointers on how you could make better the interview experience better for yourself. It helps you proactively prepare yourself to make a positive impression upon your interviewer. However, there is no substitute for relevant experience, expertise and domain knowledge. So equip yourself for questions on these spheres which will ultimately determine the outcome of the interview.

Wishing you all the very best.

Talent Acquisition
Wipro Technologies
Content provided is for informational purposes only. Wipro Ltd. does not undertake that the content made available will guarantee candidates employment. Selection is as per meritocracy, process and policy of the company. The information contained in the document has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Wipro disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information.

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