International Management

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Department of

Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
MGMT 332-13S2 (C) Semester 2 2013 International Management
Course Co-ordinator: Associate Professor Venkataraman Nilakant Room: Homestead Lane, K Block, Unit 152, Room 233 Telephone: 362 2987 Ext. 8621 Email:

Monday Thursday

9:00am-10:00am 10:00am-11:00am

Kirkwood KE06 Kirkwood KE06


Students are strongly encouraged to attend all classes. One class each week will involve interactive case discussions. This will give students valuable and marketable skills in team working and team leadership. It is the student’s responsibility to collect any information/material handed out in the lectures. On-line on the University’s Learning Management System (LEARN).



MGMT221 or MGMT 220

Relationship to other courses

This course builds on the foundation laid in MGMT 220. It will help students get an endorsed degree in International Business. The course is also useful for students wishing to enter the Honours Programme in Management. It complements other stage three courses – MGMT 301(International Marketing Strategy) and MGMT 324 (International Entrepreneurship)

Course Description

This course deals with management of businesses operating internationally. It will mainly cover issues relating to culture, communication, and human resources management in a global context, along with strategy and execution.

Teaching Staff

Dr. V. Nilakant, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

Assessment summary

Assessment Case Analysis Group Project Final Exam

Date Due: Thursday, August 15th Due: Thursday, September 26th To be announced

Weight 20% 40% 40%


The marks for each piece of assessment may be standardized before a final grade is determined.

Text and readings

International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures - Text and Cases (Seventh Edition) by Helen Deresky. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2011. Contact the University Book Shop for copies. Lectures lecture preparation Case analysis assignment Group project Final exam Final exam preparation Total 24 36 18 36 3 33 150


Course Aim, Learning Outcomes & Transferable Skills

By the end of the course, students should be able to: understand how to communicate and make decisions in cross-cultural settings understand social and ethical issues relating to managing in an international context explain the development and execution of strategy in global settings discuss human resource aspects of global management

Departmental Academic Policies and Guidelines

A summary of Departmental academic policies on course grading, aegrotat considerations, etc. is available under: If you want a hard copy of this document, please ask the course co-ordinator. The Department assumes that you have read this document. You should also read the You should also read the General Course and Examination Regulations at the following link: The University of Canterbury considers cheating and plagiarism to be serious acts of dishonesty. All assessed work must be your own individual work unless specifically stated otherwise in the assessment guidelines. Material quoted from any other source must be clearly acknowledged. You must not copy the work of another person (student or published work) in any assessment including examinations, tests and assignments. Any person, who is found to have copied someone else's work, or to have allowed their work to be copied, will receive a fail grade for that piece of assessment and may face disciplinary action which may lead to a fine, community service or exclusion from the university. IMPORTANT: Where there are concerns regarding the authorship of written course...
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