International Delicacies

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In order to successfully implement an online store for International Delicacies we need to have strong leadership running the process. Since our staff knows the business, the products we sell and have a strong relationship with the customers, we want to keep this type of activity in house. We will want to outsource the creation of the web site to a company who is an expert in doing this type of work. We would want this company to work with our marketing staff since we are involved in the creation of the physical catalog. We would want to make sure that the online store reflects the same type of information that is in the physical catalog and that it adheres to what our customers expectations. We would look at using the fast venturing model where we would have external equity partner that can offer the experience and skills needed to develop and scale up the project very rapidly. The company we choose will have the experience that we need for they have guided other companies in in creating an online store. I would recommend sending out 3 bids for this work before we actually commit to creating the online store. Part of the bid should include recommendation for a hosting service and the annual cost of this service. Once the online store is up and running, we would want to be able to modify the contents from time to time. Since technology is constantly changing along with the languages used to create web pages, I would recommend that we outsource this piece also. If we do the online store right the first time, we should only have to make modification once or twice a year. When reviewing the cost of outsource vs hiring staff to do the work, it would be cheaper in the long run to outsource the modification of the online store.
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