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Bachelor of Business (Management)

BUSM1227 – International Business International Business: Course Review Jan 2013

Appealed From Miss. Janice Tan – Program Manager HE 6 (RMIT Programs) 1. Sign-Up For The SIM-RMIT Business Plan Competition (Top Prize – A$25,000)

2. End Of Course Evaluation – Although NOT Mandatory; SIM Would Appreciate Your Constructive Feedback To Improve On:      Subject Content, Lecturer Effectiveness, IT & Facilities, Library, and Programme Management. School/Department/Area 2

8/28/2013RMIT University©yyyy

International Business: Course Review Business College

School of Management

My Solemn Commitment To You

 To Impart Academic Knowledge;  To Relate My Professional Experience In The International Business Environment;  To Counsel & Facilitate Your Successful Completion of BUSM 1227;

Review At A Glance

 Contents Covered In This Course
 Exam

   

Basic Info (Date, Time, Duration…) Exam Format Length Of Answer Preparation Foci For The Exam 5

Review At A Glance – cont’d
Note: As Shown Above, This Review Includes Two Sections: 1) Contents Covered in This Course and 2) The Exam Info. The First Part Aims to provide you with the knowledge points and the major subject matters that have been covered in this course, which is Irrelevant to the Exam Preparation Foci. This is why all the 10 topics are included in the section. This section is not for exam preparation focus purpose, rather, it gives you a framework to go through what major subject matters you have gone through in this course. The Second Section - Exam Info Part Is Where You Should Find The Exam Preparation Foci (6 Topics). 6

What Has Been Covered In This Course?

In short…  International Business Context  International Business Actors  International Business Actions (Actor’s Behaviour, IB Theories, Practice & Management implications)

 Critical Views On Major IB Issues

Exam – Preparation Foci
Most of the Short-Answer Questions For Section B of The Final Exam Are Designed From the Following Six (6) Topics: Topic 1: (Context 1)

Topic 4: (Actors - Multinational Corporations)
Topic 5: (Actors - Transnational Organizations) Topic 6: (Actions – Internationalization Theories Practices) Topic 8: (Actions -Business Functions Within The International Firm)

Topic 9: (Critical Perspectives -1)

Topics & Chapter Reference

Topic 1: Chapter 1 Topic 4: Watch YouTube , Readings & WWW. Topic 5: Chapter 8 Topic 6: Chapter 12 Topic 8: Chapter 18 Topic 9: Chapter 4 International Business: An Asian Perspective. Charles W. L. Hill - University of Washington, Chow-Hou Wee - Nanyang Technological University, Krishna Udayasankar - Nanyang Technological University.

Topic 1 International Business Context - Globalization
 Definition
 Globalization History, Current Situation & Trends

 Impacts Of Globalization On International Business
 Key Debate On Globalization  Globalization Of Business (Production, Market)  International Organizations (World Bank, WTO, IMF etc.) 10

What is Globalization? Globalization Refers To The Shift Toward A More Integrated & Interdependent World Economy

Globalization Has Two Facets:
1. The Globalization Of Markets 2. The Globalization Of Production 11

Is the World Flat?
Typical Of The Globalization Argument Is Thomas Friedman The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century (2005)

Claims That There Have Been 3 Eras of Globalization

 Globalization 1 - Countries;  Globalization 2 - Companies;  Globalization 3 - Individuals.

Drivers Of Globalization Two Macro Factors Underlie The Trend Toward Greater Globalization:  The Decline In Barriers To The Free Flow Of Goods, Services, & Capital That Has Occurred Since The End of World War II  Technological Change 13

Declining Trade & Investment Barriers
During The 1920s & ‘30s, Many Of The NationStates Of The World...
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