International Business

Topics: International trade, Strategic management, Foreign exchange market Pages: 11 (3067 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Instructors: Phone: e-mail: Office: Office hours: Hermann Juergens 514-398-4000 Bronfman 501 Bronf. 501 by appointment Nicholas Matziorinis 514 398- 4000 Bronfman 501 Bronf. 501 by appointment

Secretary: Office:

Gina Ceolin Bronfman 110

e-mail: Phone: 514-398-4000, #09662

Semester: Course Number: Section CRN: 1010 Teaching Assistants:

Fall 2012 MGCR 382 Section 001 TBA


16:05-17:25 MAASS 112

Course Description and Objectives:
This course offers a small window onto the expanded world of international business. Rapid changes in the global economy present both challenges and opportunities to firms operating internationally. This course aims to provide the future international manager with analytical skills to understand better economic and political aspects of the global business environment, and how these affect firms. The course is designed to be a foundation for further studies in international business and related fields. The course aims to achieve the following: (1) expose students to the complexities of the international business environment and its major agents; (2) familiarize students with the influential players on the international business scene; (3) introduce students to the fundamentals of international trade and investment; and (4) develop an international perspective.

Learning Outcomes:
Analyse economic and global trends, changing international trade patterns, foreign direct investment flows, differences in economic growth rates among countries, and the impact of cross-cultural differences to draw conclusions relevant to international firms. Develop an internationalisation strategy for a firm that wishes to expand abroad by taking into consideration the legal constraints, ethical and social issues, cross-cultural characteristics, economic environment, political factors and foreign exchange issues. Assess the impact of foreign exchange on the firm’s decision to internationalise. Develop a critical point of view on globalisation and its actors. The course is divided into two parts taught by two different instructors. Part I (up to the midterm exam - Juergens) provides an overview of the international context, explores legal, cultural, strategic, collaborative, logistical, and ethical challenges when operating internationally. Part II (after the midterm - Matziorinis) focuses on international trade theory, trade policies and foreign investment and analyzes the impact of international monetary and financial systems.

R.W. Griffin and M.W. Pustay 7th Edition, Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2012 Additional readings will be posted on the mycourses site. The text can be bought at the Paragraphe bookstore 2220 McGill College Avenue.


International Business

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Date Midterm Final Group Projects Oct 17 Exam Period (Sept 28) Nov 28 Marks 35% 35% 30%

NB: Adjustments to group project mark may be made based on peer evaluation. TOTAL 100%

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