International Agreements

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Canada and International Agreements

Agreement|Acronym|Canada and the Agreement|
North American Free Trade Agreement|NAFTA|§It was effective in January 1994.§It is an agreement between Canada, the Untied States, and Mexico aiming to remove the tariffs among members.§Canada’s exports to the United States have increased. 50% of Canadian products are sent to the States.§Canada’s merchandise exports go to 39 out of 50 states.§Mexico has almost doubled its exports to the States.| Free Trade Area of the Americas |FTAA|§Negotiations were launched in April 1988 among the 34 countries.§It is a hemisphere wide free trade area.§All members hope to expand their trade partners in the Western Hemisphere.| Kyoto Agreement||§This is an international agreement that was reached in 1977 in Kyoto§It addressed the climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.§It went into force in 2005.§One of the proposals is to use renewable resources of energy.§Both Russia and United States did not endorse the agreement.|

Canada had been trying to raise her status on the world stage since the turn of the century. The opportunity came at the end of the Second World War when Canada became one of the founding members of a world organization called the United Nations (UN). United Nations

The United Nations was formed 61 years ago on October 24, 1945. There were 51 member states at that time. Now there are 192 members. It replaced the former League of Nations, which was too weak to prevent the Second World War. United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt first mentioned the name "United Nations" and it was first used in 1942. The head office of United Nations is in New York. The official languages used are Spanish, Russian, French, English, Chinese, and Arabic. Naciones Unidas||Nations Unies|United Nations|||

|The two important documents produced by United Nations are the Universal Declaration of Human Rights[->0]and the Convnetion on the Rights of...
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