Informative Speaking: Notes

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Informative Speaking – Effective informative speakers share information in an accessible, understandable, and compelling manner. •Techniques for informing
oDefinition – breaking down by its parts and explaining how they add up to identify the topic. Types of definitions: Dictionary – the meaning of a term as it appears in a dictionary Expert – Comes from a person or an organization that is a credible source of information on your speech’s topic Etymological – Understanding a word or concept by tracing its roots in the same or other languages Functional – defining a concept by examining how it is applied or how it functions oExplanation – provide an analysis of something for purposes of clarity and specificity by tracing a line of reasoning or a series of causal connections between events. oDescription – you use words to paint a mental picture for your listeners oDemonstration – physical and verbal as you lead audience through parts or steps oNarrative – story

Types of informative speeches
oObjects suitable for informative speeches
Individuals or Groups
Developing informative speeches
oAnalyzing your audience
Demographics of audience – is it appropriate?
oSelecting a technique (see above)
oFocusing on your goal to inform – organization
Spatial – describes or explains elements or events as they occur in space Temporal (chronological) – moves from the beginning to the end by referencing points in time Causal – explains the roots of a phenomenon or process Comparison – presents major similarities and differences between two items Criteria-application – presents the topic as a condition for series of conditions that must be met in order for a conclusion to follow Narrative – The speech as story with characters and plot Categorical (Topical) – main points constitute separate topics, each of which supports the thesis...
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