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Topics: HTML, Web page, Hyperlink Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: April 6, 2012
208. What basic computer language is used to create a Web site? Hypertext markup language (HTML)
209. What does HTML allow you to do?
(1) specify the content of your Web site and
(2) specify formatting such as bold, underline, and numbered lists.

210. What file extension(s) can you use for your Web documents? .html or .htm
211. What is the purpose of an HTML tag?
An HTML tag specifies the formatting and presentation of
information on a Web site.
212. What type of tags set up the necessary sections of an HTML document? Structure tags are HTML tags that set up the necessary sections and specify that the document is indeed an HTML document.
213. What pair of tags should begin and end your HTML document?

214. What tag provides a frame around your Web site and tells every operating system and application that your file is an HTML document and should be displayed in a Web browser?

215. What are the two sections in every HTML document?
HEAD section, BODY section
216. What pair of tags should encase the contents (e.g., text, images) of your HTML document?

217. Which pair of tags should encase the words that appear in the upper left bar area of a Web browser?

218. If you wanted to place a blank line in your Web site, what tag would you use?

219. If you wanted to place a solid line in your Web site, what tag would you use?

220. Which type of tag allows you to make the titles in your Web site bolder and larger? Strong tag for BOLD and Heading tags etc.
221. Which tag would produce the largest size text?

222. What is the default color for text on a Web site?
223. What tag would you use in your HTML document to change the color of your text? You can adjust text color with
and , where
color name is the name of a color
224. If you wanted to set the color of all of your text to a specific color, what would you need to do?
include in your HTML document right after the
tag. You would then also include in your HTML...
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