Information Systems in Business Functions

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Information Systems in Business Functions|
January 04 - 2011|

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CCS 311 Management Information Systems G01
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Accounting - The purpose of accounting is to track every financial transaction within a company, from dollar to multimillion dollar purchases, from salaries to benefits, to sales of every item.

At the year’s end, the company cannot present a picture of its Financial Situation called a:

Balance sheet - and a profit and loss report, unless it maintains a general ledger to record every transaction with a financial impact.

Finance - The science of funds management. Finance deals with the concepts of time, money, and risk and how they are interrelated, it also deals with how money is spent and budgeted.

Cash Management
Helps managers track a company's finance.

Investment Analysis and Service
The ability of financial ISs to record millions of security prices and their changes over long time periods, coupled with the ability to manipulate numbers using software, puts powerful analysis tools in Investment managers’ hands.

Engineering - A prototype that can be mass-manufactured is devoted to engineering and is known as engineering lead time, or time-to-market. It includes brain-storming, developing a concept, creating mock-ups, building prototypes testing and other activities that require investments of time, labor and money.

Human Resources - Is a term used to describe the individuals who comprise the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations.

Employee Record Management
Facilitates employee record management. The human resource management departments must keep personnel records to satisfy both external and regulations and internal regulation.

Promotion and Recruitment
The more common way to recruit people for new position is to communicate with the general population, for instance through classified ads.

One of the important functions of human resource departments is proving employee skill. Training is rapidly replacing training programs involving classrooms and teachers..

One of the difficult, and often unpleasant, tasks of supervisors is the periodic evaluation of technical ability, communication skills, professional conduct and general behavior of employee on the job.

Compensation and Benefits Management
This program helps HR officers manage compensation, This system can also automatically generate paychecks or direct deposits

Manufacturing and inventory Control - The processing of raw materials into physical products and Materials Resource Planning. Manufacturing also is more complex to manage than most services.

Materials Requirement Planning
One area of manufacturing that has experienced the greatest improvement from IS is inventory control, or Materials Requirement Planning (MRP).

Manufacturing Resource Planning(MRPII)
Combines MRP with other manufacturing - related activities to plan the entire manufacturing process, not just inventory.

Manufacturing Execution Systems
MRP and MRP II systems are designed to plan for manufacturing, not control it. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are information technology systems that manage production in factories.

Enterprise Resource Planning - Many corporations have opted to replace their disparate ISs with a single integrated system. Rather than using an IS, or several ISs in each function, all business function are served by one system that supports different activities for different departments.

Supply Chain
Designers of ERP systems take a systems approach to an enterprise. They regard all business process, such as purchasing, manufacturing, shipping and billing as a chain of main and supporting activities.

A software that lets users work...
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