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3.1 Introduction
This chapter presents the methodology used for the study. It explains procedures used to obtain data and the techniques used in analyzing the data obtained. It highlights the type of research, and gives details about the population of the study, sample and sampling techniques. It also discusses data collection instrument, as well as methods of data analysis plan. 3.2 Type of Research

This research shall be a qualitative research that seeks to find out the problem of SMEs accessing credit from commercial banks in Ghana specifically Accra. 3.3 Population
The population is the complete set of individuals (subjects), objects or events having common observable characteristics in which the researcher is interested (Agyedu, 1999). The targeted population of the study consisted of staff SME Banking of Ghana commercial Bank (Abelemkpe Branch) and owners or management of SMEs in the Greater Accra Region. Owners, managers and workers who worked in SME, especially, food processing, bakery, wood products, furniture works, metal works, and machinery works are used as the population for the study. The estimated population is 30 made up of 10 staff and 20 SMEs. 3.4 Sample and Sampling Technique

In designing the research study, the researcher took into consideration the need to make inferences from the sample of the population in order to meet the research objectives. A sample size of I0 respondents of Ghana commercial Bank was used for the study made up of 2 managers and staff of the Bank, and 8 owners of SMEs who have been dealing with the Bank. Table 3.4.1: Guide: sample size and technique for selecting respondents Target Group Sample Method Required

Estimated Number
Sample Selected
Technique used
Staff of the Bank
Managers and Ordinary Staff
Business Owners of SMEs
Total 10
30 2
3.4.2 Sampling Technique
In order to get very accurate result for...
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