Influenza Seminar

Topics: Influenza, Influenza vaccine, Pneumonia Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Seminar Topic: “Lessons We Are Learning from Influenza 2013”

The seminar was about Influenza. The speakers started off by talking about the widespread influenza outbreak in 47 US states. 47 states reported of widespread flu activity, and 9 out of 10 regions in the US had elevated flu activity. The speaker went on to talk about how the Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 predominated this season, while the Influenza B strain was causing about 20% of cases. The speakers reported that the available flu vaccines were reportedly about 62% effective against contracting a severe case of the flu, which could cause hospitalization. The speakers said that only 37% of Americans have received the vaccination. The speakers then talked about influenza in general. There are three types of influenza—A, B, and C. Type A and B are the ones that cause national widespread epidemics causing hospitalizations. Type C has a severity of a lesser degree. Type C is mostly similar to a common cold. Children and ages 65 & over are the most affected by H3N2. Mortality rates for pneumonia and influenza peaked recently and since then has been seen to be dipping low. The following are some stats based on deaths due to influenza in the US: Last 25 years – 3000 to 4000 deaths, a typical bad year: 10,000 deaths since September 2012, nationally about 7000 hospitalized, Oklahoma had about 946 hospitalized and 26 dead, lastly 78 kids have died from influenza each year. The speakers stressed on the fact that we should wash hands regularly to prevent influenza. The speakers told to be wary of fomites. Viruses reproduced in fertilized chicken eggs make the influenza vaccines. Influenza causes acute febrile respiratory infection. Children may have abdominal pain and vomiting. Children, elderly, and immune-compromised individuals are at risk. The complications are as follows: primary viral pneumonia, second bacterial pneumonia, cardiac involvement, Guillain Barre syndrome, and Reye’s syndrome. Kids are...
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