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Braod geographical grouping with a common linguistic background William Jones founded that Sanskrit was similar to Latin and Greek Proto-Indo European : no actual proof this group of people existed Folklore

Colloquial definition: is a folktale true or not?
Scholarly definition: how does a tale reflect the customs or values of a people Precursors to the Grimms

Anne Sexton relation to the Grimms
Snow White – Anne Sexton
Focus: female beauty
Mirror motif
Superficial male desire – women is an object of beauty, man knows nothing else about her Mother-daughter conflict
Queen is losing beauty with her age, jealous of Snow White because Snow White is becoming more beautiful Happy ending?? Snow White is made to look like a china doll – she is beautiful on the outside but empty on the inside, an object to be viewed Similarities

Real subject matter
Issues/themes are similar
Narrative perspective – Anne Sexton uses “I” & identifies herself as a middle age witch She critiqued patriarchy – spoke to a contemporary New England audience New issues/theme – she spoke to a contemporary audience, she tells her tales in modern form applying them to today’s society Angela Carter

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories
Rewrote some of the Bluebeard tales
She wanted to focus on the desires/thoughts of women
Believed women could show they had power
Not romantic (as opposed to Anne Sexton who was more romantic) Wrote “Tiger’s Bride” based on the Beauty and the Beast and Tigers Bride (merged stories) Her Version of Tiger’s Bride
Narrative perspective: included thoughts of characters
Bride – coming of age
Father – bad father, gambles everything away
Tiger – beast figure – not sure what hes like on the inside Father sells her in a game of cards, beast just wants to see her naked He shows her his stuff and there are sexual encounters (because shes turned on by the animal inside him and he brought out the animal in her) Themes of the story: social restrictions, confinement, code of honor that restricted women, rejecting patriarchal society, liberation of women (feminism), she doesn’t go to save her father Regular version of Tiger’s Bride

Enemy of patriarchy
Ideals of the submissive wife
Western Tradition
Wives submit themselves to heir husband, husband is the head of the wife and savior of her body Russian folk
The man is the head but the woman is the neck, the head will follow the neck where it turns Less patriarchal than western society
Wish Tales, all the Wives tales promote patriarchal society
Women’s desires are irrational
Female threats to patriarchy
Pride (shrewishness)
Insatiable and irrational desire
Women are always doing the opposite of what should be done
Memento mori
Reminder put into paintings that you will eventually die
Ex: a feast, everyone is having fun, in a painting, and a skull or crossbones as a reminder you are going to die Death tales – reminders of death
Deaths messengers
A natural process, just grief in general
Have some sort of ceremony where we can externalize the grief Monument
Tale: the Mustard Seed
Internalization of grief
Don’t get rid of it
Tale: The Place Where There Are No Graves
Ate the dead bodies – literally internalized death
Humorous/satirical imitation
Blatant discrepancies
Criticizes original
Objects of Parody
Moral structure, technology, family structures, Americanization Fairy Tales
Ideals of Beauty
Methods of Parody
Pop culture references
Irrelevant and crude humor
Problems with Parody
No alternative offered
Must rely on what it ridicules
Walt Disney
American Dream
Used music and color for the first time
Made propaganda during WWII for the US
Disney’s Reworking of Fairy Tales
Objectionable subject matter
Moral murkiness
Its hard to turn a fairy tale into a film because the fairy tales are short, there’s not...
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