Indigenous Knowledge Research

Topics: Zapotec, Zapotec peoples, Zapotec civilization Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Theory of KnowledgeName ____________________________ Research Paper – Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Please research an indigenous people of your choice. Limit your research to 2-3 knowledge areas of the culture (for example, relationship with land, education, ceremony). Consider the following definition:

“Indigenous Knowledge is the information base for a society, which facilitates communication and decision-making. Indigenous information systems are dynamic, and are continually influenced by internal creativity and experimentation as well as by contact with external systems. (Flavier et al. 1995, p. 479) In three-four pages (typed, double-spaced) explore the way that Indigenous Knowledge acts as the “information base” for the people you have researched. Consider too the “dynamism” of this knowledge, and how it reflects both internal creativity and external influences.

Criteria for Scoring
____/10Does the paper clearly identify an indigenous people and describe important elements of their traditional “knowledge base”? Does the paper make effective use evidence gathered as a result of independent research? ____/10Does the paper show an understanding of the dynamism (including internal and external forces) of this particular Indigenous Knowledge System? ____/10Is the essay well written, with a clear structure and attention to proper spelling and grammar? Is there proper use of internal citations and a Works Cited page? ____/30 =

Known as the Cloud People, the Zapotec people started off as nomads before they settled down and became hunters and gathers. With the discovery of basic farming techniques, these nomads began to settle in small communities, forming what would later become the Zapotec nation. After settling down, the Zapotecs developed a calendar, a logo syllabic system of writing that used a separate glyph to represent each of the syllables of the language, their own writing system and religious and solar calendars. Around 500...

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