Indian Government

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What do we mean by Government & why we need it
Types & Branches of Government
Executive Branch – functions & organization
Administrative structure of Executive branch in central, state & district level Role of President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Council of ministers, Covil Service & Cabinet Secretary Legislative Branch – functions & organization

Legislative structure- upper & lower house
Judiciary Branch – functions & organization
Requirement of Administrative reforms
Some unknown facts about Indian Government
A government is a body that has the authority to make and enforce laws within a civil, corporate, religious, academic, or other organization or group. In its broadest sense, "to govern" means to administer or supervise, whether over a state, a set group of people, or a collection of assets. In Greek, Governmet means “to steer”

Why do we require a Government some valueable reasons are
Maintain Social Order
Provide Public Services
Provide Security and Defense
Provide for the Economy
Maintaining Peace Through Enforcement of Law & Order
Providing Education,
Infrastructure, Health Facilitie
Types of Governments

Major Types of Governments
Autocracy (one person has all the authority and power purely by force) or may be he is elected by the people and then amended the constitution & ruled the govt and not ready to leave the power England/Netherlands, North Korea

Oligarchy (a small group holds power who shares similar interests or family relations) China (Communist party)
Iran (ruled by religious organization)
Democracy (rule is by the people, either through representatives or directly) Direct – each person votes on all issues not their representatives (switzerland) Republic – representative government

Most modern democracies (US, Japan, England, India)

Branches of Indian Governments
Indian Govt has three branches as follows,
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