Immune System

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Lymphatic system
Lymphatic capillaries-Absorb excess tissue fluid and return it to the blood stream Lacteals (in small intestine) –absorb fats vin the form lipoproteins and transport them to the bloodstream Lymphoid organs lymphatic vessels are sites of production and distribution of lymphocytes, which help defend the body against pathogens

Lymphatic vessels
One- way system-The movement of fluid is dependent upon skeletal muscle contraction; when the muscles contract, fluid is squeezed past a valve that closes, preventing it from flowing backwards.

a.The thoracic duct is larger than the right lymphatic duct. 1)It serves the lower extremities, abdomen, left arm, left side of the head and neck, and the left thoracic region. 2)It then delivers lymph to the left subclavian vein of the cardiovascular system. b.The right lymphatic duct is smaller.

1)It serves the right arm, the right side of the head and neck, and the right thoracic region. 2)It then delivers lymph to the right subclavian vein of the cardiovascular system.

Red bone Marrow
Child has more bone marrow than adults. Why?
B cells mature
T cells developed here

Teaches T-cells to recognize the combinations of self-molecules and foreign molecules→ make them mature

Red pulp- consist of blood vessels and sinuses, which macrophages remove old blood cells White pulp- consist of little lumps of lymphatic tissue

Mucus membranes ensnare microbes
Oil gland secretions inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin. The stomach has a low pH (1.2–3.0) that inhibits the growth of many bacteria.

Inflamed area has 4 common signs: redness heat swelling and pain mast cells- tissue dwelling cells of the immune system
Histamine chemical mediator is secreted
Increase permeability in the caps allows proteins and fluids to escape into the tissue resulting in swelling

Phagocytic Cells

Macro and Dendritic engulf pathogens and bring them to lymph...
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