Image Processing and Enhancement

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Remote sensed images are not Mather and Koch

1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2. Function of image preprocessing and its importance for image Analysis-----------1-10 2.1 Radio Metric correction Method--------------------------------------------------- 2-6 2.1.1 2.1.2 Cosmetic correction--------------------------------------------------------- 3-4 Atmospheric correction----------------------------------------------------- 4-6

2.2 Geometric correction---------------------------------------------------------------- 6-10 3. Digital Image Formats and Its Arrangement------------------------------------------ 10-12 4. Purpose of image enhancement and Method of Image Enhancement -------------12-14 4.1 Purpose of image enhancement-------------------------------------------------------12 4.2 Method of Image Enhancement-----------------------------------------------------13-14 5. Purpose of image Transformation and Method of Image Transformation--------14-18 5.1 Purpose of image Transformation--------------------------------------------------14-15 5.2 Method of Image Transformation-------------------------------------------------15-18 6. Vegetation index and relation with vegetation degradation-------------------------18 6.1 What is Vegetation Index?---------------------------------------------------------18 6.2 Vegetation index and degradation------------------------------------------------18 7. Digital image classification------------------------------------------------------------19-20 7.1 What is Digital Image classification--------------------------------------------19 7.2 Types of Image classification----------------------------------------------------19 7.2.1 7.2.2 7.2.3 7.2.4 Density slicing and pseudo color display------------------------------19 Multispectral classification----------------------------------------------19 Texture Classification----------------------------------------------------19 Error matrices and classification accuracy---------------------------20

8. Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------20-21 9. Reference-------------------------------------------------------------------------------22

Lists of Figures
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Figure1 Dropped lines------------------------------3 Figure 2 Striping Correction----------------------4 Figure 3 Haze Reduction---------------------------5 Figure 4 Sun angle Correction--------------------6 Figure 5 Geo referencing--------------------------7 Figure 6 Geo coding--------------------------------7 Figure7. Nearest Neighborhood------------------8 Figure8. Bi-linear interpolation-------------------9 Figure9. Cubic Convolution----------------------9 10 Digital Data Format-------------------10 11 Contrast Enhancement----------------13 12. Change Detection----------------------16

10.Figure 11.Figure 12.Figure

Remote sensing (RS), also called earth observation, refers to obtaining information about objects or areas at the Earth‟s surface without being in direct contact with the object or area. Humans accomplish this task with aid of eyes or by the sense of smell or hearing; so, remote sensing is day-today business for people. Remote sensing can be broadly defined as the collection and interpretation of information about an object, area, or event without being in physical contact with the object. Remote-sensing data play a growing role in studies of natural and semi natural environments, a role that stretches from a visual interpretation to sophisticated extraction of information by advanced image analysis and statistical algorithms. In their raw form, as received from imaging sensors mounted on satellite platforms, remotelysensed data generally contain flaws or deficiencies with respect to a particular application. To extract basic information from remotely-sensed data the flaws or deficiencies must...
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