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B.A. (Hons) Staffordshire University

Subject Code: BSB10358-6
Subject Name: International Human Resource Management

Semester: March 2013
Due Date:14 June 2013 (Friday) 4.00pm
Word Limit: 2000 words
(excluding diagrams, data, appendices and references) _________________________________________________________________ ASSIGNMENT DETAILS

Please read the following information VERY CAREFULLY. If you are in doubt about anything, please consult your lecturer before you submit your work.

a) The nature of the assignment.

The module will be assessed by:

1. A group presentation on a specific management topic. (20% of the overall grade).

2. As an individual, prepare a discussion paper on that specific management topic (80% of the overall marks)


1) You are to work in designated groups and deliver a group presentation to all International HRM module class members and associated tutors on ONE of the topics outlined below.

2) You are to prepare an individual discussion paper on the above chosen topic.

An appropriately filled in Business School front cover must be attached to all submissions.

Assignment Topics

• Topic 1: Discuss trends and emerging challenges in the global work environment in which IHRM functions and activities are conducted • Topic 2: Factors that influence standardization and adaptation of work practices in International HRM • Topic 3: Critically discuss the challenges in the process of re-entry or repatriation • Topic 4: The role of training in supporting expatriate adjustment and on-assignment performance • Topic 5: Examine the complexities that arise when firms move from compensation at the domestic level to compensation in an International context. • Topic 6: China and India are two of the most powerful economies in the world now. As MNEs from China and India internationalize, to what extent are IHRM practices likely to differ from those observed for Japanese, European and US MNEs, considering the fact that the country of origin influences the firm’s approach to organizational structure? • Topic 7: Critically discuss the trend of rising number of women holding the top posts of MNEs.

Plagiarism Warning

• Plagiarism occurs if you use somebody else's work in an assignment or exam answer, but fail to state where you got the material from.

• It can happen in any type of assessment where you are given the questions or tasks in advance.

• If another student uses your work in their answer(s), both you and they will be punished when caught.

• Punishments for committing plagiarism can be very severe.

• 25-30 students get caught in the Business school every year.

The details

Plagiarism is a form of cheating in which students use the work of others and present it as their own. The University publishes a fully detailed description of what the term ‘plagiarism’ means on the University’s main web-site under the heading ’Procedures for dealing with suspected cases of academic dishonesty. We strongly recommend that you go and read the full document at the above address. Meanwhile, here is an extract of some of the relevant content. You will have committed plagiarism and may be caught, reported and punished (as described below) if you:

• Copy extensively from the work of others (from sources such as books, magazines, journals, web-sites for example) and submit the work as your own. NB It is acceptable to refer to the work of others as long as you do not use too much, and reference your sources properly. If you do not know how to do this, please follow the guidelines given in the document entitled ‘Adding quotations and references to your written work’ at this web-site address: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/schools/business/bsadmin/staff/s3/jamr.htm

• Copy another students’ work and submit it...
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