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A consumer profile report for a specific retailer or brand discussing how the brand/retailer utilises fashion promotion methods and principles to influence their target consumer.

The report should be 2500 words, (excluding tables, reference page and appendices).

The report layout should be professionally presented with numbered headings and subheadings, page numbers and should include relevant headers and footers.

The report should be written in the third person with no spelling or grammatical errors including no abbreviations, using the Harvard referencing system.

Assessment Objectives/Rationale:
Within the fashion retail industry, fashion brands and retailers must research, identify and understand their target consumer. This assessment task focuses upon:
Consumer Segmentation
Analysing the different variables and characteristics that make up the different consumers within the fashion retail industry today. In order for a company to be successful in today’s competitive environment. Assessment Criteria 1 & 2

The exploration of the variables and characteristics in relation to the consumer for a specific brand/retailer. Analysis of how the brand/retailer selected utilises fashion promotion methods and principles to influence their target consumer Each section is worth 25%

The Profile Report
Chapter 1 – Introduction (10% of the word count). Introduce the topic of consumer segmentation and why it is important to profile target consumers within the fashion industry. Why it is important to profile target consumers? Chapter 2 – The Consumer. Discuss the characteristics that are utilised to profile target consumers. Within this chapter, you will need to support your comments with appropriate resources (relate to lecture notes weeks 10 and 11) what are these characteristics? How would you divide this chapter? Chapter 3 – The Retailer or Brand. Discussion of the Retailer/brand. Relate to the marketing mix discussions...
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