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The Internet and the world wide web
* Internet- is a big network connecting different networks to facilitate communications and transfer of information. * Network- a group of computers that are connected to each other or to a central server so that they can exchange data and programs rapidly and share software and hardware resources , such as documents, hard disk space or printers.

Types of Networks
* Local Area Network(LAN)- it is a single site computer network. It consists of as few as two and as many as 500 personal computers or work stations connected by cables within a small geographic area to a special server called the server. * Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)- it is a computer network covering a wide geographical area but not limited to a city. It can include two or more LANs. * Wide Area Network(WAN)- the largest network that uses high speed telephone lines, fiber optic connections, or microwaves to link computers that can be thousands or miles apart.It may even incorporate connections through orbiting satellites.

Things Needed To Get Connected To the Internet
1. Modem – it is a communication device that enables the computer to exchange information over a telephone lines, a cable, a satellite, or radio frequency. 2. Web Browser Software – it is an application program that allows you to view and use the Web page. 3. ISP (Internet Service Provider)- it is a business that provides internet access to individuals, schools, and businesses. * It offers direct and fast access to the internet as well as the software you need to get connected. * It provides Net access using several types of connection.

1. Dial- up Connection- it is a type of internet access that is economical but slow. * Uses a modem and a telephone line to dial to an ISP which will establish a link between your computer and the internet. 2. DSL (Digital Subscribers Line)- A Net connection that uses a DSL modem and copper wires of a local telephone network. 3. Broadband- or cable connection is much faster than DSL because it uses cable TV lines through the use of cable modems. 4. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)- A broadband connection that uses radio frequency. INTERNET SERVICES / PROTOCOL TYPES

1. E-mail
* Use to send and received messages and mails within seconds. * It has the ability to send and receive electronic files like images, pictures, sounds and video clips. These files are called MIME (Multimedia Internet Mail Extension) attachments. * MIME was developed to help e-mail software handle different file types. 2. Telnet (Telecommunications Network)

* Is designed to connect to other computers linked to the internet. * Things needed to establish Telnet connections:
a. IP address of the computer you want to connect to
b. Web browser
c. Telnet Program
3. FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
* It is a program or method of transferring files between computers. * FTP server- is like a filing cabinet. It lets the user organize his files and decides which file to keep locked and which will remain available to the public. * FTP Client- software that is designed to transfer files back –and- forth between two computers over the internet. 4. E-mail Discussion Group

* It provides opportunity to exchange ideas Worldwide via e-mail. These are administered by software programs such as Listserv and Yahoo! groups. * Listserv- is a most common discussion group. When you subscribe to listserv, messages from other subscribers(e-mail listed in the group) are automatically sent to your electronic mailbox. * You can subscribe to a Listserv by sending messages to a computer program called Listserver. * Yahoo! Groups allow members to discuss and share ideas online. * Massages can be posted and read in the group homepage like a Web forum or can be sent and read in the members e-mail box. 5. Usenet

* Usenet group is a...
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