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Database management solutions for the era of big data
Manage, optimize and increase availability of your IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows database and applications— delivering valuable intelligence to help your business users make informed decisions, fast

Database management solutions for the era of big data


Accelerate development


Optimize performance



Increase availability


Give your business a competitive edge

Database management solutions for the era of big data

In today’s competitive global environment, businesses must become more nimble, adapting and responding to changes in market conditions or customer preferences at a moment’s notice. Access to timely, accurate information is critical for enterprises that are striving to better serve their customers, compete successfully and foster innovation. But delivering the key information required to make informed decisions, given explosive growth in the amount of data collected and consumed daily, is a tall order. For IT managers, managing and delivering data is more challenging than ever. You must bring new applications online quickly to improve the performance of databases, applications and work teams. At the

How can you balance information-driven demands with the need for a robust, dependable, flexible data infrastructure to meet daily business challenges? same time, you must prevent runaway infrastructure spending, meet demanding service-level agreements (SLAs), mitigate compliance risks and support ever-morecomplex, heterogeneous IT environments. This e-book explores how database management solutions for IBM® DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows help you increase productivity and maximize the efficiency of your database resources. It illustrates how the solutions are tightly integrated with DB2 with BLU Acceleration to deliver a scalable, high-performance

platform and a unified environment that enables you to cost-effectively manage data throughout its lifecycle. And it describes how database management solutions can help you accelerate development, optimize performance, increase availability and simplify access to enterprise data—while enabling powerful analytics capabilities for business users at all levels to enhance efficiency and effectiveness across the enterprise. 3

1 Introduction

2 Accelerate development

3 Optimize performance

4 Increase availability

5 Gain a competitive edge

Database management solutions for the era of big data

Accelerate development
Improving your competitive position in an evolving market requires both speed and agility. You must deliver enterpriseready, data-centric applications rapidly, yet be able to adapt to changing customer demands and market fluctuations. The need for greater collaboration between business, application and data groups makes this challenge even more difficult; your organization must work across roles, geographies and business units while remaining flexible and responsive. At the same time, you must adopt emerging programming methodologies, observe regulatory compliance standards and automate data discovery and design tasks. Database administration and development solutions from IBM enhance your DB2 foundation and amplify its strengths. They help accelerate development, simplify database administration and support crossteam collaboration for higher productivity.

• Empower developers to write high-quality code more rapidly using optimized frameworks. • Reduce time-to-market and enhance compliance by modeling data assets and automating database design processes.

• Centralize database health monitoring and job management. • Use change management capabilities to alter objects, permissions and dependencies. • Tune queries for best performance. • Support DB2 migration projects with automation.

• Improve cross-team collaboration with a development process that spans...
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