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Topics: Management, Customer relationship management, Supply chain management Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Cheryl Morris Walder

MGT 361 NOV 2012

Week One Questions

Chapter 1 Short-Answers Questions (Pg. 33)

What four steps should an organization follow in determining which technologies to use?

1) Assess the competition and Industry-wide pressures that affect the organization 2) Determine business strategies critical to successfully address those competitive and industry pressures 3) Identify important business processes that support your chosen business strategies 4) Align technology tools with those processes

How does the granularity of information change as it moves from lower to upper organizational levels?

As information flows upward it becomes coarser because at the upper levels it is summarized or aggregated in some way. At lower levels information exhibits fine granularity because people need to work with information in great detail. Information Granularity refers to the extent of detail within the information. As information moves through the levels of the organization it takes on a finer level of granularity. Information originates in the lowest levels of the organization and then it works its way up through the various levels in the organization to get to the top.

How do ethics differ from laws?

Ethics are the principles and standards that guide our behavior towards other people. Ethics are more subjective, more a matter of personal or cultural interpretation than laws. Laws either clearly require or prohibit an action, while ethical determinations can be harder to make because the distinctions between what is right and wrong are not always clearly defined in such black and white terms.

Why are competitive advantages never permanent?

Competitive Advantages are never permanent because no matter what kinds of new programs that a company comes up with or what innovative new ways of using technology that is already available they implement it is only a matter of time before their competitors will...
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