Hunger Games Book Review

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The Hunger Games: Book Review
The Hunger Games is a novel aimed at young adults first released in September 2008. It was first published in the United States of America. Suzanne Collins was the author of this amazing novel. She came up with the idea while channel surfing and watching real war footage and reality TV. It also came because of her dad’s involvement in the Vietnam War. It was then published by the group Scholastic, who have published many famous books such as the highly successful Harry Potter series, the now major motion picture, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and many others.

The Hunger Games storyline takes place in a rather self-contradicting Post Apocalypse setting in North America. We are introduced to the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. We see her as the provider for her family. She takes on the role of her father, who died years ago in a mining accident. Katniss provides for her family which consists of her mother and sister Prim, by hunting illegally with her best friend Gale Hawthorn in the wood outside District 12, in which they live. There are a total of 12 districts in the first book. Each of them goes from best to worst in wealth and riches. District 1 and 2 and all the other districts like 3,4 and 5, all have successful businesses and are all exceptionally wealthy. The reason we have all the districts is: After the apocalypse, North America collapsed and the country of Panem then took its place. Then a war ensued between the Capitol and the Districts. The Capitol won and as a reminder of their victory, every year they hold a “Hunger Games”. This tournament is designed to get 24 contestants from the 12 districts. A boy and a girl. They are randomly selected from a drawing by the Capitol. They are trained before being put in a simulated arena, with different environments to fight it out until there is a Victor who outlasts everyone else. The night of the drawing arrives. After all the pomp and show by Effie Trinket, a capitol representative, the drawing arrives . Much to the horror of Katniss’s family her little sister’s name Prim is drawn out. In an emotionally charged scene, we see Katniss volunteer to take Prim’s place in the games. Then the male tribute was called out, and was revealed to be Peeta Mellark also known as “The Bakers Boy”. Katniss then remembers how he saved her life. As there is a lack of food, she scavenges around for food scraps in places like the bakers bin. Peeta sees this and purposely burns 2 loaves of bread, enduring slaps by his mother and throws them out to her. They are then introduced to their mentor. Haymitch. He was a previous winner, but all his past experiences have troubled him as he resorts to alcohol for everything and is hardly ever sober. After saying their goodbyes to family and friends they are escorted off to the Capitol for training and styling. Many things happen before the start of the games, such as Peeta declaring his unrequited love for her in a massive live interview, Katniss having the title of “The Girl who Was on Fire”, and many other events. In the opening days of the Games, 11 people are initially killed. Later on, much to Katniss’s chagrin she finds out that, Peeta has formed an alliance with the tributes with District 1, 2 and 3. Katniss then takes it on to herself and forms an alliance with Rue. Then she tries to stay alive for the rest of the games, watching people she loves die such as Rue. Then after everything has happened, we reach the ultimatum. Peeta and Katniss are the only two tributes left. They have been told that if two tributes from the same district are the final two then they both win. After a few minutes and nothing showing that they have won, there is an announcement that, the rule had been revoked and there can only be one winner. They both feeling cheated, proceed to eat a poisonous berry and both commit suicide. As they are about to, the rule gets changed again saying they both win. But that simple act of rebellion against...

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