Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning




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Section A
Introduction: definition and concept of HRP, benefits, process. HRP components. HR planning and corporate strategies: HR planning as a strategic processemployees as resources-goal attainment, linking HR process to strategy, involvement in strategic planning process, strategic HR Planning model, staffing system. Job analysis: meaning and definition, job analysis process, techniques of job analysis, methods and practice of job analysis, competency based approach. HR Forecasting: Forecasting Manpower Needs, the Forecasting Process, Inventorying available talent, Projecting Future Talent Supply, forecasting Staffing Requirements. Index analysis-expert forecasts-delphi technique-nominal group technique-HR budget and staffing table, scenario forecasting, regression analysis. Career planning and succession management: definitions, concepts, stages of career development process and organizational HR Policies, carrier Anchors – Stages of growth and career, career processes Succession management process and Management development programmes, objectives of MDP‘s, Job rotation, Auditing MDP‘s management development methods, challenges of succession management, Replacement analysis.

Section B
Case and Problems

Human Resource Planning


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Unit Name
Introduction HR Planning & Corporate Strategy Job Analysis HR Forecasting Career Planning & Succession Management Unsolved Papers

Page No.
6 - 13 14 - 26

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27 - 38 39 - 48 49 - 63


64 - 75


Unit 1

Q. 1 What is Human Resources Planning? Ans. E.W Vetter viewed human resources planning as ― a process by which an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position. Through planning...
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