Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Law

Unit Information and Learning Guide

Unit coordinator:
Natalie van der Waarden
Murdoch Law School

Room: ECL2.028
Phone: 0061 08 93606018

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Study schedule3
Resources for the unit4
Learning guide7


Unit overview
Welcome to Human Resource Management Law. The unit is worth 3 points and must be completed as part of the Master of Human Resource Management. It is also popular with students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration and other postgraduate disciplines. The unit is about law relevant to the hiring, performance and termination of work relationships in Australia. It investigates the legal relationship between an employer and employee. Applicable legislation is a focus, as is study of the common law rights and duties imposed on parties to employment relationships. Law concerning minimum employment standards, regulation of bargaining, awards, dismissal and industrial action is of interest.

You will need to be enrolled in a postgraduate level course.

Aims and objectives
The broad aim of this unit is to acquaint students with law relevant to human resource managers in Australia. This involves introducing students to Australian employment law, including coverage of both individual and collective aspects.

Learning outcomes
On successful completion of the unit you should be able to:

1. Appreciate the legal nature of work relationships
2. Recognise legal obligations of Australian employers and employees 3. Describe federal legislation governing work relationships 4. Analyse changes in law relating to work relationships

Graduate Attributes

This unit will contribute to the development of the following:

1. Communication
2. Critical and creative thinking
3. Independent and lifelong learning

Other Contacts
Administrative contact
Shirley Jones
Murdoch Law School
Phone: 0061 08 9360 6192

Technical help
For technical difficulties with the Learning Management System (LMS) contact the IT Service Desk on or 93602000.

How to study this unit
Time commitment
The teaching program consists of a weekly 3 hour seminar.  Each class is linked to a reading identified in the Study Schedule on p3. Effective learning also requires you to spend time studying outside of class. Your total time commitment should be about 150 hours, spread over the teaching period. This is based on an allocation of 50 hours per credit point, an allocation made in the Units Policy. Attendance

There are no minimum attendance requirements in this unit. However, it is to your benefit to attend all classes. Small group and interactive learning activities are used and your participation in these activities can assist your learning.

Discussion of any issues arising during the unit can be raised in seminars. Study schedule

Required reading
Important dates

1 Feb 24

Text Ch. 1

Introducing employment law

2 Mar 3

Text Ch. 2

Recognising employment

3 Mar 10

Text Ch. 3

Types of work

4 Mar 17

Non-teaching break

5 Mar 24

Text Ch. 4

Formation, terms and discrimination

6 Mar 31

Text Ch. 5

Employer duties

7 Apr 7

Text Ch. 6

Employee duties

8 Apr 14

Text Ch. 7

Ending the contract...
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