Human Resource Management

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 8 (3072 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Wood industry
[SAM& Co. consulting]

Lecturer – Ahmed Shaheem

Due date – 5th May 2013

Content page
1. Introduction:4
2. Human Resource Management:5
3. Wood industry:5
3.1. Mission:5
4. HR issues in Wood industry:6
4.1: Communication:6
4.1.1. Communication issues between senior and lower level staffs6 Organizational Hierarchy7
4.1.2. Team work8
4.2. Ethical Issues:8
4.2.1. Hiring and termination issues:9
4.2.2. Discrimination:9
4.2.3. Performance Appraisal:10
4.3. Dealing with the difficult people:10
4.4. Psychological Contract:11
4.4.1. Managers act different from what they say:11
4.4.2. Changes in executives:12
4.4.3. Promotion to workers:12
5. Recommendation:12
6. Conclusion:13
7. References:14

* 1. Introduction:
This report determines to analyze theHuman Resource (HR) issues in Wood industry. To achieve this objective, we have conducted several meetings with the management of Wood industry. After consulting with this company, we found that there are some HR issues and due to those issues the company is facing decrease in their productivity and profitability. This report will be commencing with a brief introduction about Human Resource Management (HRM) and about Wood industry, followed by the HR problems faced in this company and what are the reasons behind those problems based on the theories and giving some recommendations to overcome from those problems. A conclusion will also be included at the end of this report.

* 2.Human Resource Management:
Human Resource Management (HRM) plays the most vital role in a business organization. According to Web Finance(2013), HRM is the department which aims to make the employees valuable to the organization by dealing with the procedure of hiring and developing the employees. For the development of the employees, they are given promotions, safety, employee and labour relationship, further education and training and so on. Significantly, HRM involves in every management activity of an organization as the organization is made up of people (Price, 2011). Therefore, in each organization, there should be a well-managed Human Resource. * 3. Wood industry:

Wood industry was established in June 1999 with only 20 staffs. At the beginning the company grew slowly but through the years, the company has grown. Now they are running their business with more than 200 staffs and well equipped machineries to make fish products. Moreover, they are exporting some of their fish products to Sri Lanka.

* 3.1. Mission:
Mission of the Wood industry is to provide the best and the freshest fish products (smoked fish, salted fish and canned fish) to their domestic and international clients with an affordable price. In addition, they aim to provide a better working environment for their employees.

* 4. HR issues in Wood industry:
From the analysis we did in Wood industry, we came across different HR issues. Some of the issues are communication, ethical issues, dealing with difficult people and psychological contract.

* 4.1: Communication:
In order to make an organization successful in their productivity and profitability, communication between the employees and the senior staffs of the organization is very crucial. The communication need to be clear in order to avoid misunderstanding. Moreover, effective communication helps to build fellowship among the employees (Fletcher, 2013). As a result of better fellowship, the team work level improves and leads to a greater development for the company. * 4.1.1. Communication issues between senior and lower level staffs The relationship problem between staffs of Wood industry is that they do not have proper hierarchy of communication between staffs (lower level employees) and the senior management. First of all, we have personally communicated with human resource manager of the company, and we found that they do not have any record of...

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