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Topics: New York City, Eiffel Tower, Paris Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Chapter 32
1. How did territorial expansion affect Native Americans in North America? The Native Americans lost their “spirit”. Native Americans were considered savages and were either killed or conformed to the American control. The Indians lost their identity due to the American expansion. 2. How were the contradictions of economic expansion expressed by American artists? Walt Whitman linked the romantic, transcendental, and realist movements together to revolutionize literature. The American artist told stories of the auctions, of the markets, and of the vast possibilities of the American people. 3. What is ragtime?

A genre of popular music in which the musician takes a classical or popular melody and plays it in an “off beat” fashion. 4. What is an expatriate?
An expatriate is an American who no longer lives in America and has adapted to the foreign country in which they reside. 5. What ideal of America was exhibited at the Columbian Exposition? The ideals of America which were supposed to be exhibited were that of the economical, technological, and cultural progresses made in the country. But all that was captured were the unfair policies towards the African Americans. Another thing that was represented on that day was the great architectural genius of the Americans, such as the Louis Sullivan skyscrapers, New York central park, and riverside, Illinois. Chapter 33

1. What was the significance of the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris? The 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris brought on a change or enlightenment of western technological innovation and political and social superiority. The exposition brought a prominent change to Paris, especially the Eiffel Tower. 2. What is the fin de siècle?

Fin de siècle means the end of the century, which for Paris meant the before and after of the Exposition of 1889 and 1900–the end of abandonment for art and culture into a time of enlightenment and innovation. 3. What is Post-Impressionism?

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