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Topics: Employment, Prediction, Human resource management Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: January 9, 2013

This is identifying, selecting, training and the retention of qualified workers within an organization. This duty is primarily for the first line Supervisor/Manager.

People are a company’s most valued asset; therefore, the company is to be concerned about the employee from the minute he steps into the firm until he reaches his full potential in his career.

Workers with new goals and objectives are coming into the business scene who is more concerned about career development than salary. These workers will be loyal to the company as long as the company is loyal to him or her.

Economic conditions within society force women to enter the workforce. Therefore, throughout the years, there has being a massive influx of women within the working world.

Women are moving slowly into more formal areas of the organization. Although this is the case, men are still paid higher salaries than women. Since the inclusion of more women within the labour force, several companies have started programs to support women: 1.On-site child care/Elder care programs

2.Voucher programs
3.Flexible scheduling of work hours
4.Child care and elder-care information and referral services


There are three ways how companies predict future human resources: 1.Human Resource forecasting – this involves the use of various techniques to project and predict future employee needs. It can also be done by studying the level of demand for services, changes in environmental factors, technological advances and economic conditions. 2.Use of Multiple Scenarios – this involves making predictions when one or two factors in a situation are altered dramatically. 3.The Delphi Technique – this is a valuable approach used to obtain opinions and views of outside experts and to develop consensus among these experts at the most appropriate course to follow, (these experts never...
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