Hpe-Touch Football Energy Performance

Topics: Energy, Exercise physiology, Muscle Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Energy for performance year 11 phys ed term 3 – touch football Health – related
* Aerobic capacity
* Muscular strength
* Muscular endurance
* Flexibility
* Body compisistion
Sport/skill related
* Muscular power
* Agility
* Speed
* Balance
* Coordination
Aerobic capacity
* Also called stamina, general endurance, heart-lung fitness * “The ability to keep producing energy aerobically and using it to perform tasks involving the whole body for extended periods of time” * The body needs constant oxygen delivered to the muscles as well as removing waste. * Eg: team sports, cycling etc.

Muscular strength
* “The force that a muscle or group of muscles can exert against a resistance in a single maximal contraction”. * In reality it is used to perform an action that requires large amounts of force up to a maximum of 10 consecutive times. * Eg: jumping

Muscular endurance
* “The ability to work a muscle for long periods at less than maximum effort, where local fatigue rather than general exhaustion is the limiting factor”. * High ratio of res (slow-titch) fibres.

* Eg: jogging

* “The ability of the muscles, ligaments and tendons to allow large movements of the joints”. * Often called mobility or suppleness,
* Can be increased through stretching.
* Eg: gymnastics, dancing, hurdling.
Body composition
* “The ratio of fat to non-fat components in your body”. * Non-fat = lean body mass
* Fat can be essential (in and around organs) or storage (in cells around the body). * Most commonly measured by the skin folds.
Muscular power
* “ability to use strength quickly to produce an explosive effort”. * Power = trade off between speed and strgnth
* High ratio of white (fast-twitch) fibres needed.
* Eg: sprint starts
* “The ability to change the position of the body quickly and precisely and still retains balance”. * To be agile,...
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