how to write a reflective account

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This is only guidance on what you need to include in your reflective account to provide evidence for the units you are doing, you will need to look at the units you are doing and be guided by the Assessment Criteria

Ensure that when writing your account write reflectively, using “I” statements, i.e I recorded in the clients daily notes, not it was recorded.

You need to ensure you are writing what YOU did, HOW you did it and WHY you did it the way you did.

A brief history of the candidate, what you have changed the name to, and a brief description of your role in supporting the client, how did you find and:

How you found out about the clients’ needs, wishes and preferences regarding communication and language, religion, personal care and any other activities you are responsible for

How did you confirm with the client this was preferred language and communication method?

How did you find out about any risks to the client, and your role in protecting them.

How did you record and share information about the clients communication needs?

How did you build your relationship with the client?

How did you ensure that you valued the client as an individual, with respect for their dignity and privacy and respect the client’s culture, valves and diversity.

How you carried out your work i.e personal care, and why you did it the way you did, how you found out what support the client wanted from you.

Did you support the client to use the toilet, with bathing, dressing and grooming, eating and drinking etc, how did you do this, what H&S precautions did you take and why.

How did you encourage the client to identify what they can do for themselves and what they needed assistance with and who they needed the assistance from? Were there any changes in the client’s needs, circumstances etc, what did you do about these.

How you ensured that the environment was sage and that you adhered to H&S procedures i.e when moving and handling,...
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