How to Write a Position Paper

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How to Write a Position Paper
A position paper is your chance to stand up for a cause or idea you believe in and persuade others to your point of view.

Even if the position you take is one you were assigned in a class, and you have no strong feelings yourself on the issue, make yourself acquainted with the arguments on both sides of the issue and their supporting evidence.

Narrowing down a broad subject results in a more focused, effective position paper.

1. Create an introduction.
This first paragraph should clearly identify the issue you are taking on and explain its importance. Many writers prefer to place the thesis statement -- your statement of the position you are taking -- at the end of the first paragraph, but this doesn't have to be the case.

2. Explain your view in the body of the paper.
Tell the reader why you're taking the position you've chosen and offer evidence supporting your opinion. Be sure to present the information in a logical order and avoid making any statements that lack obvious support. Make them understand why you think the way you do.

3. Present a counter-argument.
Make sure you present it clearly and give the reasoning behind the counter-argument as well.

Researching opposing position papers and viewpoints can help make this step easier.

4. Declare a resolution to the problem.
Take a paragraph to explain why the counter-argument doesn't apply and reaffirm your view.
Describe why the counter-argument doesn't hold up and why your ideas are better.

5. End with a conclusion paragraph.
In a conclusion paragraph, you should restate your thesis and summarize the position paper's main ideas. Be sure to rewrite your ideas so that you're not just repeating the exact same thing. Put them in context, offering potential courses of action on the problem and possible solutions.

A good position paper will include:

A brief introduction to your country and its history concerning the topic and...
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