How the First Chapter of "Wind from an Enemy Sky" Summaries the Whole of the Novel

Topics: World, White people, Fiction Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Some critics say that the whole novel can be found, in miniature, on its first page. Consider how the first chapter of Wind from an Enemy Sky by D’Arcy McNickle frames and anticipates the rest of the novel, as if it were a part that contains the whole. How it frames the characters:

Bull- described as “this man who ‘lives inside’” (page 2). • He lives inside tradition, stays within the compounds of the Little Elk reserve, tries to stay within his ways “He could see the open valley far below, a white man’s world. A world he sometimes passed through, but never visited” (page 2); very reluctant about change. • The moment he tries to accept help from outside of himself, outside of the realm of his people, he ends up dying (page 256). • Very well respected, perhaps feared (“Men waited… moved quickly aside” page 2) • Bull’s anger is terrifying and reaches deeply into the recesses of his soul (page 6-7), takes the changes in his environment very personally “Why should he do this to me? I have not offended him. How could I, when I don’t know his name?” (page 7) • Changes quickly in reaction to his relatives, example in first chapter is his anger in front of Antoine (page 7), in the novel his change on how to deal with the white men due to his brother, Henry Jim. • Believes that people should always think about their experiences and question what they can learn from the situation, what they should remember from it. Author’s way of telling his readers should think about what they can take away from the novel, and how they can apply it to their lives? Antoine: Recently coming back from school, trying to reconnect with his roots/ heritage • “The returned student was letting his hair grow long again… Sometimes he chewed on the end of a braid, just to know it was there” (page 1) • A representation of new energy and action “The boy was aware of his excitement… The excitement had been growing inside ever since he returned from the government’s...
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