How the earth was made

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Damian James2/5/14
Science 200 Short Answers

1. According to the church, the age of the earth was 6,000 years old. 2. James Hutton discovered that the earth was much older from the tilted rocks because he knew these rocks was once laid down horizontally on the sea floor and were buried under great depth to be crystalized. Then they were tilted on end by great earth forces and then eroded away. The rocks were then deposited on top. He understood it had to take millions of years for this process to happen. 3. Lord Kelvin calculated the earth to be around 20 million years old from the law of thermodynamics. 4. Arthur Holmes used radioactive particles of uranium in the attempt to accurate date the planet. He used radiometric dating which changed the concept of how old the earth is. 5. The accepted age is the Earth is 4.5 billion years.

6. The source of most water on the Earth was extraterrestrial. It was asteroids that were filled with water that crashed on the Earth that we get our water from. 7. Granite rocks started to form the continents 3.4 billion years ago 8. Granite rocks have a much lower density than basalt.

9. The stromatolites is a single cell organism that lives off sunlight and it would fill the air with oxygen making life on earth possible. 10. Alfred Weneger was a German weather scientist and proposed that the continents had been joined together. 11. It made an extrapolation of the rocks. I was hard to believe to have a larger continent be pushed through the ocean floor and his theory was considered wrong. 12. On either side of the plates in Iceland in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it is expanding the size of the Atlantic Ocean. Also the Fisher Eruptions in Iceland mark the path of the deep plate boundary all around the island. It is also pushing America and Europe a part. 13. H

14. The rate of...
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