How Laws Are Made and How Laws Can Be Interpreted

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Having successfully achieved a BTEC National Extended Diploma in Business & Legal you have just started as a trainee in the Human Resources Department at Business Inspirations Ltd , a local company that specialises in developing business solutions to small & medium sized businesses in the North West. As part of your traineeship you have been assigned to the section that deals with legal issues/solutions. You have been asked to produce materials that would be suitable for use to businesses with little, or no, legal knowledge. Your manager feels that it is important that new businesses have an awareness about key issues relating to law including; key personnel, how laws are made & how law can be/is interpreted. PART ONE

1. Produce a set of 3 Fact Sheets that cover;
I. A description of the hierarchy of the Civil Courts. (P1)(PIA) II. A description of the hierarchy of the Criminal Courts. (P2) (PIA) III. An explanation of the differences between the two hierarchies. (P3) (PIA) The Fact Sheets should include; diagrams of each court’s hierarchy, the role, function & jurisdiction of each court. You must also give examples of the cases (general legal & business related issues) dealt with by each court

2. Produce a report on;
I. The role of judges & and lawyers in civil and criminal cases. (P5) II. The role of Lay people in criminal cases. (P4) and evaluate the pros and cons of lay people in English courts. (D1) III. Compare and contrast the role & function of judges, lawyers and lay people in English courts (M1) 3. Produce a note for your manager outlining whether or not the claim may be successful. You should include; I. An explanation of the term ‘Precedent’

II. A description of how precedents are used and applied in court. III. Compares and contrasts the different methods of law making and (M2) IV. A description as to how precedent might be applied in your colleague’s case and the outcome of that precedent case. (P6) Finally, on...
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