How Do You Know If a Project Fail

Topics: Project management, Change management, Failure Pages: 4 (1144 words) Published: June 22, 2013
How do you know when a project fails?A project is considered to have failed when it does not meet the standards of owners, stakeholders, and other personnel. The impacts of a project failing can include high costs to repeat the project. Depending on the state of the organization closure could be a result of a failed project. A failed project will impact managers, as well as employees of organizations. When a project fail frustration and can build up this causes individuals to quit due to low job satisfaction. In return that impacts the turnover rate for the organization not to mention any other negatives that may come along with it. What causes a project to fail?Many factors can cause a project to fail. Centreline Solutions Incorporated states lack of management, Poor Communications, Inadequate Resources, Poorly Defined Requirements are among the top causes of project failures. “Failure reasons in change management are many and varied affected by them i.e. the absence of good strategies for managing change”. Often time projects fail due to poor communication. This is due to team members not having the proper information they need when it is needed. Not having the information can result in delays. Probable cause of poor communication can consist of communication plans not being completed or communication plans does not have enough detail. But one thing is very clear. Any organizational initiative that creates change - or has a significant change element to it - has a 70% chance of not achieving what was originally envisaged”. Author Stephen Warrilow expressed in his article Starting the Change Process three main reasons change management results in project failures. Warrilow’s reasoning consist of 1.Gap - The gap between the strategic vision and a successful programme implementation and the lack of a practical change management model and tools to bridge that gap. 2.Resistance - The...
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