Hot Wet Equatorial Climate

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-Is found between 5° and 10°N and S of the equator. Its greatest extent is found in the lowlands of the Amazon, Congo D.R, Malaysia and the East Indies. -Further away from the equator, the influence on the on-shore Trade Winds gives rise to a modified type of equatorial climate with the Monsoon influences. -Within the tropics, the equatorial highlands have a distinctively cooler climate, modified by altitude such as the Cameron highlands, northern Andes and Kenyan highlands in East Africa


1. Temperature
- The most outstanding feature of an equatorial climate is its great uniformity of temperature through out the year - The mean annual temperatures are always around 27°C with very little variation. -there is no winter.

-cloudiness and precipitation help to moderate the daily temperature so that even at the equator itself the climate is bearable. -regular land and sea breezes also assist in maintaining a truly equable climate. -the diurnal range is small and so is the annual range.

Figures below illustrate the rhythm of climate experienced in two different equatorial regions, one on lowland (Kuala Lumpur) and the other on the highland (Bogota).

Kuala Lumpur
Rainfall (mm)170170236279216127104157185274257231

Annual precipitation 2 413mm
Annual temperature range 1°C (27°C - 26°C)

Rainfall (mm)948912424416581668474213224142

Annual precipitation 1 610mm
Annual temperature range 1°C (15°C - 14°C)

2. Rainfall
- Rainfall is heavy, between 1 524mm and 2 540mm and well distributed throughout the year. -There is no month without rain. There are two periods of maximum rainfall, April and October which occur shortly after the equinoxes. The double rainfall peaks coinciding with the equinoxes are...
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