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Topics: Question, Heat exchanger, Heat transfer Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: December 22, 2011
In HERO written, 25 technical questions/ 15 aptitude/ 10 english questions were there in 30 mins…. In order to crack the written, my advice would be to first try 15 apti quests…which were very easy.. Out of 25 , I remember around 15-16 questions…….agar yeh bhi kar liye …. There is no negative marking…attempt all questions…though they will say that they will check accuracy….……

1>Taylor started which theory?
2>1 Simple Numerical on Break even analysis….ANS-2000
3>Monoclinic Structure: alpha=beta=gamma not equal to 90, a=b=c 4>Condition for structure b/w no.of links & joints=> 3m=2j+3 5>Work study theory pe simple question tha….(industrial engg) 6>Structure of Fe3C

7>When ball is dipped in oil in a container the we have to calculate the change in Temp/min….(advice is don’t attempt this question) 8>Two layers of thermal conductivityis there over sphere..If both layers are interchanged ..what happens… 9>Velocity base simple numeriacal…

10>Moment of inertioa of Rectangle about both axis were given…we have to calculate the area of rectangle…. 11>heat & mass transfer pe LMTD pe numerical…..
12>1 theory question on Normalizing/annealing….
13>1 Numerical question on heat exchanger where efficiency was to be calculated. 14>/;Frequency of vibration nikalna tha….dia/thickness was given 15>which came first…Behavior approach, Scientific management….2 options aur the) 16>1 easy question on Q=kAdt/dx…..
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