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Topics: Typography, Dialog box, Control key Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Keyboard shortcuts are especially useful if you are a good typist because your hands can remain on the keyboard. Almost every command in Microsoft Office can be executed with either the mouse or the keyboard. Most people begin with the mouse then add keyboard shortcuts as they become more proficient. There is no right or wrong technique, just different techniques, and the one you choose depends entirely on personal preference. If, for example, your hands are already on the keyboard, it is faster to use the keyboard equivalent if you know it. Here is a list of Ctrl A through Z. Many of these keyboard shortcuts work in other word-processing programs. Using keyboard shortcuts saves time because you dont have to take your hands off the keyboard. CtrlASelect all (entire document) CtrlB CtrlCCopy CtrlDFont dialog box CtrlECenter align CtrlFFind CtrlGGo To CtrlHReplace CtrlI CtrlJJustify align CtrlKInsert Hyperlink dialog box CtrLLeft align CtrlMLeft indent CtrlNNew blank document CtrlOOpen dialog box CtrlPPrint dialog box CtrlQReset paragraph formats CtrlRRight align CtrlSSave dialog box CtrlTHanging Indent CtrlUUnderline CtrlVPaste CtrlWClose document CtrlXCut CtrlYRepeat last action CtrlZUndo Other Ctrl Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl1Single-spacing Ctrl2Double-spacing Ctrl5Space and one-half CtrlEnterHard page break CtrlShiftDDouble underline CtrlShiftKSmall caps CtrlShiftMUn Indent CtrlShiftTRemove hanging indent Function Keys You can use some function keys to perform tasks faster than going through menus. F1Help ShiftF1Whats This F2Rename file (Open or Save As) ShiftF3Toggle casing F5Refresh list (Open or Save As) F7Spelling and Grammar F8Extend selection F9Update field, such as formula F12Save As dialog box Moving the Insertion Pont CtrlHomeBeginning of document CtrlEndEnd of document CtrlPgDnNext page CtrlPgUpPrevious page Keeping Text Together You should prevent certain word combinations (e.g., dates, names, and phone...
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