Hitlers Domestic Policy

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Hitler’s Domestic Policies Using the knowledge from chapter 4.

How Successful? – economic improvement
-peoples lives.. workers lives… etc
-support gained
-opposition avoided

Debate on aims vs. measures of success.

If it is successful of the aims then it is successful rather than just improvement.

Women -traditional approach form the working class

-middle class wanted jobs etc

The nature of Hitler’s dictator ship is also up for debate. Was it by coercion or compliance?

Consider Nazi ideology – is it spreading the ideology efficiently have they embraced this element. Probably didn’t win over new people to Nazism.
Did not relentlessly persue people who did not show these values. Supplementary propaganda for the already convinced.
Birth rates did not rise greatly but the propaganda value of celebrationg the woman fit the nazi ideological aims but as much as it has been put forwards as evidence of weakness in war preparation however they were probably not planning for total war at that stage.

At a certain stage however women were forced into the work force that shows they failed at enhancing their traditional view of women form the Nazi ideology. However it was a war situation and not bringing them in sooner shows how important this ideology was for them. The most important thing was always to maintain support as this was a regime based on a massive use of propaganda based on compliance.

-Getting rid of trade unions- volksgemeinshaft
-Holidays and picnics encourages compliance

-indoctrination Nazifying / gleichshaltung
-considered to be the most successful segment of society as regard to indoctrination. -Alternative youth groups and alternative motions for going.

-Hitler comes in in 33 its in a bad way
-By raw measure of employment out put trade it improves
-The depression is beginning to end and reparations have been lifted so is it due to Hitler’s actions or there broader economic factors. -Powerpoint being emailed

-take youth groups away from catholics
-rivialing churches to be social hub
-taking workers on pic nics on Sundays.
-Route of least possible resistance
-Protestant protected by princes so tended to be more nationalistic and fitted in better with the Nazi ideology.

-informants and support from the people
-very extensive police network
-ties in with fuhrer prinzip

-one party state no democracy

Cultural and propaganda overlaps everything.

-political messages in to films and novels etc…
-leader myth/ fuhrer prinzip heroic deeds etc.
-race message
-volksgemeinshaft/ extreme nationalism.

Arts and cultural life/ propaganda

How effective it is in achieving its aims of being accepting and being compliant. Possibly in the long term his plan was for indoctrination. Some suggest the aim was to make everyone a true believer in the ideology by indoctrination, on closer examination attempting to achieve compliance was more realistic which would possibly lead to full bodied believing in the long term. Clearly bringing about the minimal interpretation of support but I long way to go before traditional belief of full indoctrination. He wants to stay in power= why he wants them to be compliant. Preparing the nation for war brings the need for everyone to be behind the regime. What is included by arts and culture? One part could be more effective than another part. How much is message how much is entertainment and recreation? Nazis intended to gain support through everything they did and they intended to present it in the most positive light to gain support for their regime. Main themes

Blood and soil
Anti- feminism
Anti- feminism
Return of classical tradition
Goebbles made minister of propaganda in 1933
Radio receivers went up to 70% in 1939- couldn’t receive long wave transmission so...
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