History of paradigms

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History paradigms

People believe history is a matter of memorization
History is interesting full of story and puzzles
We learn about our origin
To reattribute to people who have sacrify in the past
History is part of group of studies liberal arts
History looks that everyone has a past
Change overtime
5 or 6 thousand years humans have learn to read and write
oral history is the oldest way
1970 a very popular mini series
alex haley book

professor of sfu who was from Britain
during the war she was part
several year later they realize the story became songs
leaving out what he have done

Historian are much more likely to use written text
pre history deals with people but before they were written
2 kind of sources
Primary sources a person diary, latter, birth certificate. Come fro the time of what is been study Secondary sources anything that was writing after the time of what is been writing about

2 kind of secondary souses
scholarly tell u where you got the information
and popular doesn’t tell you where it got the information Lawrence hafore the long fuse book
How they decide what write
Correspondence (must be true) and coherence ( if u are going to interpreting ) Standards making choices for writing

“Chronical history”
17 century ingland and france constitutional of political history the grow of political freedoms (law and symbols)
18-19 century economic history (western Europe)
19 century social history
20 century grows more
cultural history (a branch of social) anthropology
environmental history (hottest topic) science

fall of the roman empire!
20 century roman empire was the most powerful
most people in the western thought that nothing could equal them politican 476 A.D.
it was overthrown because it was corrupted
religious because the were sinful
250 years before this became Christian
historian how fist wrote about this was Sibbon (decline and fall of the roman empire) enlightenment...
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